#WomenInTech - How Women At The Top Can Improve A Company’s Bottom Line

We have a significant challenge in tech that has nothing to do with ransomware, hackers, or phishing, even though all are prevalent issues. We are discussing something equally complex… the challenge of gender diversity in technology. Currently, women make up almost half (47%) of the US workforce but hold less than one-third (28%) of the leadership positions in technology-related fields. 

This gap is not due to a lack of interest in holding leadership positions. Studies show that there is no ambition gap between men and women in tech. Roughly the same percentage of women and men—62% and 67% respectively—were actively trying for a technology-related promotion. 

It’s no secret that having women in leadership roles has proven successful in many facets of the business world. Here are some statistics that have led many organizations to make gender diversity a top goal for 2022 and beyond:

  1. Researchers tell us that diversity of thought leads to better problem solving — when we collaborate with people of different genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and race in our workplace, we all do better work.
  2. While studies have shown women have a more difficult time finding mentors than men. Mentorship and sponsorship can be incredibly important for career growth and job satisfaction, so having increased supply “on the bench” in your company can give your employees an edge.
  3. Today’s young women are starting their careers better educated than men. A more educated workforce is essential for implementing innovative techniques, challenging the status quo and introducing new business approaches. When women are more educated, we can be critical tools to ignite the growth of a company.

Studies have found that having women at the leadership level of company proves favorable for not only workplace culture, but also for the company’s YTD profit margins. Firms whose leadership consists of 30% women typically have a 15% increase in profitability (a net profit margin that is more than 1 percentage point higher) compared with similar firms with no female leaders, according to research from the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

There is a clear opportunity in the world of tech right now: Hiring and promoting women leads to increased personal and business success.