Cost-Effective Scalable Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Radiant Resources can bring your organization to the next you can better support your business and respond more quickly to change. We offer a comprehensive set of project management and consulting services designed to help you enhance IT initiatives and goals across your business whether it is in your Finance, HR or IT department.

When you choose Radiant Resources as your technical project management and consulting partner, you get a highly organized team of experienced people committed to understanding your current challenges and long-term goals. Whether it is a cloud migration, a workforce system integration, a remote access initiative, an application migration or a data center refresh, we can add clarity and structure to the conversation. Our team provides valuable insight into risks and expected return, while allocating resources and managing both data and the timeline for your project.

Skilled Project Based Consultants & Expertise when you want it.

Augment your staff with talented professionals.

  • Business Analysts, Q/A, Security Specialists, Legacy software programs, DevOps, Database specialists
  • Radiant is WBE certified on the NY State OGS for Project Based Consulting