Project Management & Consulting

Outsource your project management

Our cost-effective, scalable project management and consulting solutions are designed to bolster your IT initiatives, touching every corner of your business - from Finance and HR to IT.

Technical Project Management & Consulting

Cloud Migrations

Smoothly transition to any cloud for enhanced flexibility and scalability.

Legacy Application Updates

Modernize or migrate your legacy systems for improved performance and functionality.

Data Center Refresh

Upgrade your data center infrastructure to improve application performance, enhance security, and reduce infrastructure footprint.

Application Migrations

Ensure your applications are running on the optimal platform.

Security & Compliance Initiatives

Strengthen your overall cybersecurity posture and meet regulatory compliance.

Expert Project-Based Consulting | WBE-certified provider on the NY State OGS for Project-Based Consulting

Subject Matter Experts

Gain insights and discover creative solutions from IT industry thought leaders.

Cybersecurity Pros

Fortify your defenses.

Business Analysts

Make data-driven decisions.

QA and BI Specialists

Ensure the highest quality of data integrity.

Agile Scrum Professionals

Adopt agile and responsive methodologies.

Project Managers

Keep your projects on track and on budget.