Jennifer Naughton

President and CEO

Jennifer's steadfast and thoughtful leadership has steered Radiant Resources through three decades of remarkable transformation in the IT industry, creating a purposeful journey for both herself and her team.

Beyond her role at Radiant Resources, Jennifer actively contributes to her community of Spring Lake, NJ, where she has served as mayor since 2006. Additionally, she is a proud member of the Women's President's Organization (WPO) and the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

Lois Marie Nealon

Business Development & Sales Director

Three decades of experience speak volumes! Lois embodies the ideal blend of self-motivation and professionalism, having pioneered a customer service methodology that consistently delivers exceptional customer interactions. She possesses the passionate ability to thrive in the rapidly evolving IT industry.

Her passion extends beyond the office walls, as she is a certified swim coach and relishes outdoor adventures. An avid hiker, Lois has conquered the Lake Placid 9'er challenge and is currently working toward completing the Adirondack 46'er challenge. Additionally, she has trekked the Inca Trail, ascending the historic steps to the summit of Machu Picchu

Mary Todaro

Customer Success & Logistics Director

Mary's unique ability to view situations from diverse angles is a true asset. As our top problem solver, she tenaciously tackles challenges, undeterred by obstacles. When called upon, Mary swiftly earns the respect and trust of everyone she interacts with, making problem-solving feel less daunting.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mary's weekends are filled with exhilarating moments-whether racing their '87 Monte Carlo or recently completed '83 Camaro alongside her husband and three children at the drag strip. And to satisfy her need for speed, she's also a licensed private pilot.

Nick Martinez

Account Executive

With his fresh perspective, infectious energy, and background in sales, marketing, and client service, Nick is a true go-getter who knows how to dive into a project and drive it forward with gusto. His portfolio, particularly working with SMBs across the financial, sports, and service sectors, pairs well with one of Radiant's growing market segments.

When Nick isn't busy at Radiant, you can find him playing or watching his favorite sports, baseball and golf, or relaxing and playing board games with friends and family.

Brenda Awori

Lead Generation & Sales Assistant

Drawing upon more than a decade of experience in lead generation and sales, Brenda exemplifies unwavering tenacity and a remarkably positive outlook. Her candid approach to assessing challenges endears her to those fortunate enough to cross her path.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Brenda's greatest motivation is her spirited son, whom she cherishes wholeheartedly. Each weekday morning, she embarks on an invigorating 8km jog, and as the week winds down, she indulges in a well-deserved slice of chocolate cake accompanied by a comforting cup of tea.

Ellen Martin

Accounting Manager

Ellen's extensive expertise in managing finance operations during periods of rapid growth and transformation has been instrumental in shaping the remarkable journey of a fintech startup. With over 15 years as an accounting manager, she played a pivotal role in the company's expansion, which eventually led to a team of more than 50 employees before acquisition. Her prior experience at a rapidly growing SaaS company provides her with a unique perspective on IT-related financial matters. Ellen finds inspiration in Radiant's dynamic environment and the opportunity to make a significant impact within another successful and rapidly expanding organization.

Outside of work, you'll find Ellen on the golf course or immersed in activities with her grandchildren and children.

Darlene Rasmussen

Project Management Manager

As the Founder of Grateful Synergies HR & Technology Consulting, Darlene brings a wealth of experience in both HR and IT consulting. Her unwavering focus is on your success. One of Darlene's most rewarding endeavors involved implementing a paperless electronic onboarding solution for an organization with over 900 employees. This innovative system significantly reduced the onboarding process by 2.5 hours, resulting in annual time savings of over 1500 hours. By eliminating manual paperwork, Darlene created a more efficient and cost-effective paperless solution.

Beyond her professional achievements, Darlene's adventurous spirit led her to fulfill a long-standing dream. In 2017, she spontaneously booked a 2-week solo adventure, covering over 8,000 miles, to immerse herself in the rich Buddhist culture of Thailand-the enchanting Land of Smiles.

Bob Garrison

Managed Services Director

A project Bob takes great pride in is executing a disaster recovery process that he created to restore a production Microsoft Exchange server from tape without losing one email.

Bob's happy place is fishing from his boat on the Barnegat Bay at sunset.

Marc Halikas

System Administrator

Hard work and determination drive Marc in every aspect of life pushing him to attain his pilot's license at 18. His path to success included countless hours of studying and flying. What joy and relief to finally becoming a licensed pilot!

When he is not working or flying, Marc enjoy sailing with his cousins when they are back home for the summer.

Heng Chin

System Administrator

Heng always feels a sense of fulfillment and takes pride when his work with end users, previously intimidated by technology, leaves them feeling empowered because of the tools he taught them to use so they can start troubleshooting on their own.

Admiration for marathon runners pushed Heng to give it a try. He finished his first half marathon without training, and has since completed a few more half marathons, obstacle and trail races, along with the NYC marathon.