District Council 37

Thomas McCarroll, Information Technologies Dept Manager

"We demand the best for the hard-working members of District Council #37. With Radiant Resources, we found a responsive and innovative technology partner with a focus on personal customer service. Radiant is my first call when launching a new IT project."


Susan Haun, Sr. Director, Hosting and Technical Services

"I want to commend our independent support vendor for the stellar job they did when we encountered a problem with our hosted production servers over the weekend. We received a call back in minutes, a knowledgeable field engineer on-site within 90 minutes and resolution quickly followed. They continue to be an extremely efficient and effective vendor for our hardware, and we continue to be very satisfied Radiant customers."

Hatteras Press

Industry: Publishing

Situation: Hatteras Press needed to increase the availability and robustness of their IT infrastructure to optimize performance and reduce overall IT costs.

Solution: Radiant Resources implemented a redundant, highly available virtualized environment.

Result: Hatteras Press was able to reduce operational expenses and total cost of ownership with their new virtual infrastructure. With robust backup and reliable recovery, they have a flexible, scalable system that has simplified management and administration.

Hunterdon Healthcare

Industry: Healthcare

Situation: Hunterdon Healthcare Systems needed a solution for their expanding clinical user network. Due to the critical nature of the desktop applications, security and ease of use were essential to functionality.

Solution: Radiant implemented a high performance virtualized desktop infrastructure for 300 clinical users and created a roadmap for growth.

Result: After the initial assessment of Hunterdon Healthcare Systems' environment, a Proof of Concept was conducted with VMware Horizon View. The POC demonstrated the effectiviness of the proposed solution and highlighted both potential issues and opportunities before commencing with roll-out. In doing so, Radiant was able to optimize the user experience, reduce management and provide HHS with a solution to meet their business goals and bring them into the future.


Industry: Professional Services

Situation: KMB Group planned to expand from a regional to a national engineering solutions provider rolling out remote offices across the nation. Client projects required easy file access anywhere, anytime. The business expansion demanded a sophisticated IT infrastructure, however KMB was unsure if they wanted to move to the cloud or place equipment on site. They saw value in both.

Solution: Radiant Resources developed a robust virtualized server, storage and backup plan that allowed KMB to confidently focus on its expansion. KMB no longer uses tape backups. They have reduced their servers from 22 to three and that reduced everything from HVAC required in the server room, to space needs and management time.

Result: Not only has remote office expansion been facilitated, mobile technology and cloud storage enables staff to complete electronic forms via tablet in the field speeding information to the home office. This has only enhanced the KMB's already legendary client responsiveness.

Pictorial Offset Corporation


"Radiant's engineers have a well thought out methodology and a process that sets them apart from most integrators that I have worked with. By the time Radiant left at the end of the first day, we were operational. They had the foresight and expertise to recognize what had to be done to get our team working again. Radiant is the first integrator that I have worked with that has actually lived up to its promises. We counted on them to get the job done when the work was planned, and more importantly, when we had a crisis."

Forex Capital Markets


"Radiant Resources has delivered on their promise of high quality technology at competitive prices. In running a data center that processes billions of dollars in currency exchanges each day, the greater value for me comes in the form of highly responsive customer service and control of our technology costs. For us, Radiant Resources is more than a vendor; they are a partner in our effort toward building a high performance infrastructure."

Verizon Wireless


"Thank you for your prompt help. Radiant is a true find in the vendor world...I know who I can count on!"