Independent Maintenance Support

Don't compromise on quality when it comes to hardware.

Move away from OEM contracts. Let us equip you with the asset management tools essential for success. Radiant Resources is customer-focused, not product-driven. That's why our customized, global IT support services are designed to minimize your costs while providing comprehensive multi-platform hardware maintenance plans. In partnership with one of the industry's leading independent IT maintenance providers, we deliver unparalleled support to our clients worldwide. Let us free you from expensive OEM contracts with our customized support contracts.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

Dramatically reduce operating costs while enhancing operational flexibility.

Extend Your Hardware's Life

Increase the lifespan of your hardware and decrease your total cost of ownership.

Competitive Support Contracts

Whether it's end-of-life or current hardware models, we offer competitive support contracts tailored to your needs.

Global Reach, Quick Recovery

Benefit from our global coverage with secure, strategically placed stocking locations to ensure the fastest recovery times for our clients.